Women Income Tax Officer Getting Threats – Women Income Tax Officer Getting Threats!

Posting is in Karnataka, DFO husband posted in Ajmer filed a case

Ajmer. A case of threatening a woman income tax officer posted in Karnataka on mobile phone has come to light. Despite blocking the number on behalf of the woman officer, the woman officer’s husband Ajmer Upvan Patron has filed a case at the Civil Lines police station after the accused threatened her with intimidation and dire consequences. Police is engaged in the investigation of the matter.

Caller calls himself a crime reporter!

DFO Sunil Chidri told in the report given to the police that his wife Dr. Ashwini D. Hosmani is posted as Joint Commissioner in Income Tax Department in Karnataka. During his stay in Ajmer on November 11, the caller hurled indecency by calling himself a crime reporter. The accused threatened not to approach the police and not to reveal his identity to anyone. The accused threatened the entire family with dire consequences if he sought help from anyone using abusive language. After the incident, even after blocking the number of the accused, he called again on 15 November on behalf of the accused.

charge of extortion
DFO Chidri expressed suspicion in the report that the accused is an anti-social element of extortion. The one who threatens government officials and employees on a daily basis and mentally tortures them. The accused makes threats of loss of life and property.

Annoyed with VoIP calls

Investigation revealed that the accused is making VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls to the lady officer. So that its location cannot be traced. However, recently, the district police had succeeded in tracing the VoIP call even in the case of firing at the petrol pump. The police is also probing the matter thoroughly.

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