Veterinary Department Officer Do Inspection Anasagar Foysagar Lake

The team of Regional Animal Diagnostic Center took stock

By: Amit

Published: 23 Nov 2021, 08:01 AM IST

Ajmer. Animal Husbandry Department has become alert after the death of crows in Sambhar Lake. The team of Regional Veterinary Diagnostic Center inspected crows and migratory birds in the areas around Anasagar and Foysagar lakes. The team gathered information from the Archaeological Survey Department, Forest and Horticulture Department on their housing, food and other points.

A four-member team led by Deputy Director Dr. K.D. Nathawat reached Anasagar Baradari in the morning. The team inquired about the habitat, food of the crows on the trees in Subhash Udyan and Baradari area. Apart from this, see the movement of migratory birds in the lake, shelters near Pushkar Road and Sagar Vihar Colony. From here the team reached Foysagar Lake. The team also inquired about the movement of migratory and native birds, the place of shelter there.

Department’s increased concern
Due to the continuous death of crows in Sambhar, the concern of Animal Husbandry, Forest and Environment and Horticulture Department has increased. Ajmer is a major center of poultry-egg industry. The government has asked the Horticulture, Animal Husbandry-Forest Department, including the district administration, to keep a watch on the animals and birds. In particular, special instructions have been given that animals and birds should not consume the carcasses of dead crows.

death in ajmer

About 40 crows died in Ajmer in January 2021 in Baradari, Naya Bazar-patti, Katla, Pushkar and other areas. Earlier in November-December 2019, more than 125 crows were found dead on the banks of Anasagar Lake and Baradari.

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