Price Hike: Inflation hit vegetables, tomatoes cross 80

Raktim Tiwari/Ajmer.

The effect of rising inflation is also visible on vegetables. This has messed up the kitchen budget. Tomato prices have jumped the most. In Ajmer, it is being sold for 80 to 90 rupees per kg. Growth in other vegetables is also maintained.

Tomato red in retail
Tomato prices have reached 80 to 90 rupees on retail market, carts and bags. Whereas in the wholesale market the price is Rs 46 to 50 per kg. Secretary of Beawar Road Wholesale Fruit-Vegetable Market, M.L. Saini said that due to rains in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, tomato crop has been damaged. In Ajmer, the prices are expected to go down in ten to twelve days after the tomato crop reaches from Kekdi, Nasirabad, Kharwa-Mangliawas, Tilora, Hokra-Pushkar and adjoining areas.

Effect of petrol and diesel prices
The central government reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel in early November. After this the state government reduced the weight. But fixing the daily rate of petroleum companies has not made much difference in its prices. Due to the cost of transportation, the prices are not coming down.

The price of eating potatoes and onions
Potatoes and onions, which are called oysters of the poor, are also eating the price. In retail, the price of potato is 25 to 30 kg and the price of onion is currently being charged at Rs 25 to 35 per kg. The price of potato in the wholesale market is 15 to 20 rupees and onion 19 to 28 rupees.

Retail Prices of Vegetables (Retail & Wholesale)
Tomato – 80 to 90 rupees: 46 to 50 rupees
Tinda – 50 to 70 rupees: 45 to 50 rupees
Cabbage – 20 to 40 rupees: 10 to 18 rupees
Gawarfali – 40 to 60 rupees: 20 to 28 rupees
Bhindi – 55 to 70 rupees: 40 to 45 rupees
Potato 25 to 30 rupees: 15 to 20 rupees
Onion – 25 to 35 rupees: 19 to 28 rupees
Brinjal – 25 to 30 rupees: 9 to 12 rupees
Cucumber – 40 to 45 rupees: 18 to 25 rupees
Radish – 25 to 30 rupees: 5 to 15 rupees
Coriander – 65 to 70 rupees: 35 to 45 rupees
Shimla – Rs 35 to 40: Rs 22 to 28
(price per kilogram)

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