Oxygen Concentrator Not Taken Care Of For Months – Oxygen Concentrator Not Taken Care Of For Months!

Many concentrators in JLN hospital were not removed from packing, more than 2763 oxygen concentrators are available in Ajmer district, nursing workers and others did not even get training to operate

Chandra Prakash Joshi

Ajmer, The sound of the third wave of corona infection has started. New cases of corona have been marked in the state. Although there is no situation like the havoc of Corona, but preparations are still incomplete regarding the resources. All the oxygen concentrators that have been procured due to the formation of an oxygen plant have not been taken care of yet. Still many oxygen concentrators in JLN hospital have not come out of the compartments or are locked in the rooms. There are about 2763 concentrates available in the district.
New cases of corona are increasing rapidly in Ajmer. After Jaipur, Ajmer has the highest number of cases in the month of November. In Ajmer, the corona infected woman has also died after nine days, despite this, till now neither all the oxygen concentrators have been taken care of nor the staff has been trained again. Staff rely on early days training.

In JLNH alone more than five and a half hundred

More than 550 oxygen concentrators are available in Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital. Some were bought by the government and some were bought by the college administration. Some have been provided by Bhamashahs. Many concentrators are still lying in coaches and in some rooms.

This is the position of the concentrator

hospital total
CHC/PHC 1328

District and sub-division 210
JLN Medical College 548

Other Government Hospital 120
Ajmer Urban Chi. Institute 15

private hospital 42
total 2763

corona status

3 cases new on Wednesday

37 cases in the month of November so far
30 active cases at present

they say

Oxygen concentrators are provided in different wards. Concentrator does not require much training. Concentrator is sufficient.

Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Incharge (Oxygen Wing)

Along with getting the concentrate, training has been given to the personnel from all over the district. Concentrators are kept safe.

Dr. K.K. Sony, CMHO

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