Our Spirit: Was Once In Fetters, Now Her ‘garden Of Happiness’ Will Bl

Stepmother committed atrocities by tying them in chains, after the girl’s correctional home, the foreign couple adopted

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Updated: 24 Nov 2021, 02:07 AM IST

Chandra Prakash Joshi

Ajmer. For the last three years, a lot of efforts have been made in the Girls Correctional Home to heal the wounds caused by stepmother’s torture in childhood, tongs. The happiness of the eight-year-old girl was now visible on her face that the foreign couple who came from USA adopted this girl ‘Aadhya’. For Aadhya, now the garden of happiness will smell in America.

CWC had made it free

Aadhya’s adoption process was completed with a USA resident couple on Tuesday at the Girls’ Correctional Home in Ajmer. It took three years for Aadhya to heal the wounds she had received from her own in childhood. The stepmother used to keep the child tied in chains. Later on the complaint, on the initiative of CWC, little Aadhya was first kept in the Shishu Home and then after the medical examination, she was kept in the Girls Correctional Home.
studying in private school

Here he was enrolled in a private school and taught. In this, Sharda Kumar Sharma of Parle Group, in the form of Bhamashah, took the entire cost of the education of the girl child. Computer set was also provided to the girl child for online studies. Aditi Maheshwari, superintendent of the girl’s correctional home, Farahna Khan, the manager of the nursery, handed over the girl to the adoptive parents.

they adopted

The couple who adopted baby girl Aadhya are residents of USA. Indian-origin mother Twinkle Telati is a Special Educator in USA and father Umang Telati is a businessman.

We have a different point of view

In our country, the childless couple adopts a newborn child so that the children do not know about their former life and only the real parents understand them. But in foreign countries there is a different trend. Older children are also adopted there. Adoptive mother Twinkle tells that after adopting she will tell her friends and acquaintances from where she has brought it.

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