Oil Drums, Transformers, Cables And Oil Exploded One By One

Massive fire in Tata Power’s store, loss of one crore
Sparking fire at 4 in the morning, found control after two and a half hours

Ajmer. A massive fire broke out in the main store of Tata Power, the franchise company handling the city’s electricity system, at around 4 am on Monday. Due to this the cables, transformers, oil and other items kept in the store were burnt to ashes. The oil drums kept in the store came under fire and exploded one by one, and the fire took a vicious form. After a struggle of about two and a half hours, the fire brigade of Municipal Corporation, Civil Defense and GAIL could bring the fire under control at 6.30 am.

The fire in Tata Power’s store in Parbatpura was so massive, the flames were visible from afar. Fortunately, the fire did not reach the 33/11 KV GSS, otherwise the entire city’s electricity system would have come to a standstill. Tata Power suffered a loss of about one crore due to the fire. However, the new items kept in the store escaped burning. Due to the fire, the electricity of 1400 consumers of the city remained closed for about 10 hours. While Tata Power officials were engaged throughout the day to assess the damage caused by the fire, Ajmer Discom also kept an eye on the matter.

Fire caused by spark, transformer also exploded

Preliminary investigation into the fire revealed that sparks were caused by sparking in power lines. Due to this, the grasshopper of the store caught fire. The fire reached the transformer oil drum kept in the store. Due to which the drum started bursting due to the fire, due to which the fire took a formidable form. As the oil spread, the fire also started spreading. The cables, VCBs, transformers etc. kept in the store got burnt due to the fire. The security staff of Tata Power informed the higher officials about the fire incident, after which other officials including the CEO of Tata Power reached the spot and demanded the administration to send more fire tenders. After this the team of Civil Defense also reached with its fire brigade.

extinguished the fire by climbing on the roof of the police station

Efforts to douse the fire by fire brigade began but failed due to oil fire. The fire kept burning continuously. After this, the fire brigade was called and then the fire could be brought under control. To douse the fire, the fire brigade personnel climbed on the roof of the anti-theft police station of the discom near the store. Due to this water started being thrown in the middle of the fire. Apart from this, the goods were overturned and extinguished again through JCB.

Electricity remained closed for 10 hours, 1400 consumers remained upset

As a precautionary measure, 33/11 KV supply was cut off due to fire at Tata Power store. Due to this, the electricity of Adarsh ​​Nagar, Parvatpura, Industrial Area etc. remained closed for about 7.30 hours. Due to the fire, the supply could not be started even through alternate arrangements. The power went off at 4 in the morning and started at 11.30 but due to a fault in the cable, the power had to be turned off again. In some areas, there was power outage till 7 pm.

Committee constituted to investigate

According to Ajmer Discom’s Superintending Engineer (City) NK Bhatnagar, instructions have been given for a joint inquiry into the incident. XEN (Biawar) from the discom was included in the investigation team.

they say

How the fire started is being investigated. CCTV footage is also being seen. The fire has caused damage. New stuff saved. Electricity was cut off for several hours due to the fire.

Sriprakash Joshi, CEO, Tata Power, Ajmer

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