Now Three More Positives In The Apartment

Eight year old child, mother and apartment guard report positive, 4 positive on Tuesday, total 36 positive cases in the month of November

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Updated: 24 Nov 2021, 02:25 AM IST

Ajmer. Corona infection is arresting people coming in contact with positive patients. Three more new positive cases have been marked in random sampling here after the report of grandfather and granddaughter came positive in the apartment (Dynasty) located in Kotra area. Here the report of an 8-year-old child, his mother and a guard of the apartment has come positive.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. K.K. Soni said that 4 corona infected cases have been reported on Tuesday. The contact history of these patients has been collected. At the same time, survey is being conducted with the gathering of information of the persons who came in contact with them. Random sampling was done after the elderly and 15-year-old teenager got infected in the Dynasty apartment located in Kotra area in the city. On Tuesday, the report of a child, his mother and a guard has come positive. It is being told that the child studies in school but is studying online from home. At the same time, the report of another Tilora resident farmer has come positive. So far 36 cases have come in Ajmer in the month of November.
relief news in sofia school

On behalf of the Medical and Health Department, the reports of all 26 samples have come negative for the staff and others at Sophia School located on Jaipur Road. Due to this the staff and the school management breathed a sigh of relief. It is being told that the girl who came positive at home had come to school only to get the admission card, the reports of the two teachers who came in contact with them have also come negative. Offline class is closed here.

140 samples for students in different schools

On Tuesday, random samples of students were taken in various schools on behalf of the Medical and Health Department. Police Line Dispensary in-charge Dr. Jyotsna Ranga has taken samples of about 90 children from Balupura School, while 40 samples of children have been taken from Blossom School.

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