Millions of losses to the exchequer due to the connivance of smart city officials and contractors:

Ajmer. Aam Aadmi Party has accused Ajmer of corruption in the works of Smart City Ajmer. Party’s state woman Shakti Kirti Pathak informed that work worth crores of rupees was done under Smart City Project in Savitri Girls Higher Secondary School. Where according to the rules, the work should have been done by taking a temporary connection of electricity and water separately, but the contractor did not do so and got the construction work done under smart city only through the electricity and water connection of the school. With the consent of the school headmaster, in lieu of that work, a bill of 18 thousand for only 2 months was deposited by the contractor. Kirti Pathak told that Tarun Aggarwal has taken electricity bills of the school for two years under RTI, which is more than two lakh rupees. The surprising thing is that even when the entire state was under lockdown, the school meter readings show that electricity was being consumed more than normal and the payment of electricity bill for two months by the contractor shows that The contractor was allowed by the school administration to use the electricity of the school, which comes under the category of selling electricity. Kirti Pathak accused the smart city officials of turning a blind eye to the corruption done by the contractor and also took them in the dock and said that all this points towards the collusion of the smart city officials and the contractor. When we look at the bills of the whole year, where the school administration has paid the bills of more than 2.5 lakh rupees for the contractor. Neither the contractor has taken the electricity connection temporarily nor the water. It is clearly visible that there is a connivance of the contractor and the school administration in this, if they can embezzle the school fund of Rs 2 lakh, then in the name of Smart City Ajmer, crores of rupees have been done, what would have happened to them.

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