Jewelery Worth 6 And A Half Lakhs Crossed From The Woman’s Bag

The Superintendent of Police constituted a special team for the frequent incidents of Rahajani

Traveling with jewelery and cash in passenger vehicles has become risky. Jebtarash gangs operating in Ajmer district get away from suitcases, bags and carry out incidents in the blink of an eye. The Superintendent of Police has constituted a special team for the frequent incidents of Rahajani. But in the meantime, a married woman lost 13 tola of gold jewelery while traveling in a bus between Beawar to Ajmer. The victim lodged a case report at the Civil Lines police station. Police is on the lookout for the accused.

Lalita Rawal, a resident of Narsing Basni in Nagaur district, reported at the Civil Lines police station that she was coming to Ajmer Panchsheel to attend her sister-in-law’s wedding on Monday. Came in a car from Sojat to Beawar. Boarded the roadways bus from Beawar. In the bus, he kept the jewelery bag on top of the seat. During the departure of the bus, 4 youths boarded the bus and stood in the gallery. Shortly before reaching Ajmer, a young man said that the bag kept on top had fallen. After the victim’s refusal, the accused again talked about the bag falling on the child for some time. When he asked to take down the bag, the victim Lalita also agreed. After unloading, the young man put the bag at his feet. When the Ajmer bus stand landed, a small bag of jewelery was missing in the bag. He filed a complaint in the Civil Lines police station in the matter.

Jewelery worth 6 and a half lakhs removed

Victim Lalita Rawal told that after two minutes she took the bag back in her lap, but the accused did not know when the jewelery box was taken out from the bag. The box contained a gold tucy, a veil to wear around the neck, a Rakdi set and other jewellery. The weight of the gold jewelery was about 13 tola. There was a note of five hundred rupees. Police is looking for the accused on the basis of CCTV footage.

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