Good News: College Alumni Start Cyber ​​Security Tips For Youths – Good News: Tips To Avoid Online Fraud And Cheating

Alumni of engineering college will take initiative. Certificates will also be issued after training.

Raktim Tiwari/Ajmer.

Cybercrime – Crimes like online fraud, obscene chatting, honey trap continue to rise rapidly. Along with the general public, youth are also falling prey to fraud. The alumni of the College of Engineering College, Badalya, working in various government and private companies, will teach cyber security tips to the youth of the state.

Alumni will give training
Computer-IT engineering alumni of the College of Engineering will give cyber security tips to the youth to increase their training and awareness. Others including private IT company operator and alumnus Suryaprakash Samota have done it. He will meet Technical Education Minister Subhash Garg and the Directorate of College Education and submit the proposal.

will take 20 to 25 rupees
Surya Prakash said that it is necessary to make the youth-general aware of cybercrime-online fraud. They have decided to run online-offline training program. Only 20-25 rupees token fee will be kept. Along with this, youth who have completed cyber crime training will be given a certificate.

campaign will run like this
Campaigns will be run in higher, technical and other colleges
Online-offline training of cyber security
– Will explain the legal provisions related to cybercrime
– Will give information about not sharing personal information
– Security features in mobile – will give information about staying alert
-Tricks to recognize the ingenuity of hackers

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