Blankets Worth Three Lakhs Blazed With The Spark Of Welding

Damage due to sparks falling on goods loaded in pickup during welding on elevated road
Project officials did not hear the victim, refused to pay damages


During the elevated construction in the city, negligence is being done on the part of the smart city project manager and the contractor firm. In such a situation, accidents are being reported every day due to the traffic passing through here. On Tuesday morning, blankets worth lakhs were blazed when sparks of welding fell on the pickup passing through Gandhi Bhavan intersection. There were big holes in the blankets. The merchant arrived with a blanket but had to return disappointed.

Yasir Ahmed Butt, a resident of Kashmir Anant Nag, told that he has been setting up a hot clothes and blanket shop in Ajmer for five years. His goods arrived by transport on Tuesday. The bales of blankets and other goods brought in the pickup blazed due to the spark of welding falling in the elevated road construction at Gandhi Bhawan intersection. This caused holes in the blankets tied in a large number of sacks. However, due to the timely detection of the fire, the fire was brought under control with the help of a passerby.

Then who is responsible? , ,

Butt told that he had asked the officials who were building the elevated road in the case to pay the damages but the officers working there refused. Whereas due to the negligence of the workers of the firm doing the construction work, it has suffered. Butt told that the cost of a heavy hot blanket burnt in the sack is about three lakh rupees.

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