Ajmer In Government After 35 Years – 0 – After 35 Years in Government Ajmer – 0

No place in Gehlot’s cabinet

Chandraprakash Joshi / Raktim Tiwari.

Ajmer, After the cabinet reorganization, Ajmer’s participation in the Gehlot government has become zero. Kekdi MLA Dr. Raghu Sharma, who is handling a big department like Medical Minister, resigned. On the other hand, Congress’s second MLA Rakesh Pareek has reached the assembly for the first time. That’s why he didn’t get a place in the cabinet. This is the first time after 35 years that Ajmer is not represented in the state government.

Represented Ajmer continuously

Ajmer has been represented in the state government since 1967, but in the year 1987, that is, for the last 35 years, someone or the other has been getting a place in the cabinet. According to the information, Lalit Bhati in the year 1987-88, Ramzan Khan from 1989 to 1992, Sanwarlal Jat from 1993 to 1998, Kishan Motwani and Govind Singh Gurjar from 1999 to 2002, Vasudev Devnani and Sanwarlal Jat from 2003 to 2008, 2008 to 2013 Naseem Akhtar, Vasudev Devnani from 2014 to 2018 and Anita Bhadel, Raghu Sharma from 2018 till now.

Prior to this, Jasraj Jaipal was the Deputy Minister of Irrigation from 1967 to 72. His wife Bhagwati Devi was the Deputy Minister of Education in the Jagannath Pahadia cabinet in 1981. Govind Singh Gurjar, who was the Nasirabad MLA, was Minister of Agriculture, Forest-Environment, Panchayati Raj from 1981 to 85 and from 1999 to 2003.

expected from brahmin quota
Dr. Raghu Sharma, who was a Kekdi MLA, was made a minister from the Brahmin quota. Ajmer dominated the government when Raghu Sharma was the medical minister. He also interfered a lot in administrative appointments. After his resignation, Masuda MLA Rakesh Pareek, a staunch supporter of Sachin Pilot, was expected to be made a minister. But being a first time MLA, his name could not be stamped. Speculations are now rife that Pareek will be made the Parliamentary Secretary.


voluntarily left ministerial post

According to my ability in the field of medicine, as much work has been done as possible in Ajmer district and the state. According to the instructions of the high command, the responsibility of in-charge of Gujarat has been taken over. Being a dedicated worker, I had expressed my desire to work on only one of the two posts. Has voluntarily resigned from the post of minister.

-Doctor. Raghu Sharma, former Medical Minister

Jurisdiction of High Command and Chief Minister

High command and Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has jurisdiction as to who should be made minister. Did not make a minister, but do you know if anyone can be better than this. Dr. Raghu Sharma has stepped out of the minister’s post due to the influence of Gujarat. I have been given the responsibility of PCC Vice President.

Naseem Akhtar, Vice President PCC

Hope to become parliamentary secretary

Ajmer has always got representation. What can I say, I was expected to be made a minister, but for the first time I have won as an MLA. First time MLAs have not been made ministers. Now Parliamentary Secretary is expected. However, according to the instructions of the high command, we will work in the interest of the party.

Rakesh Pareek, MLA Masuda

should represent

Congress has only two MLAs in Ajmer. Congress has been weak in the district, so should have been made a minister from Ajmer. It is expected that the name of Masuda MLA Pareek may appear in the Parliamentary Secretary. It is necessary to have a man of responsibility in Ajmer, so that he can keep an eye on the administration.

Suresh Tank, MLA Kishangarh

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