A Victim Of Fraud Made In The Name Of Putting Money In The Account

They are making victims by calling account holders in the name of their relatives.


Attention ! The thugs have now adopted the trick of making them a victim of fraud by luring them to put money in the bank account. The special thing is that thug gangs are hunting the account holders by calling them in the name of their relatives. A similar case came up in Alwargate police station too. On the report of the victim, the police registered a case and started investigation.

Aslam Ansari, son of Dost Mohammad, a resident of Topdara New Ambabadi, reported that he received a call from Poona on his mobile phone on October 25. Calling himself as his uncle, the caller told him to put fifteen thousand rupees in his bank account. The caller said that he has to put the money in the account, I will withdraw it after a few days. On asking for the account number, Aslam gave him the bank account number. Then after sometime a call came that money is not coming in the account. He got him to talk to the bank manager. While talking, the manager told him to put one rupee before him. After one rupee was transferred, the accused put him 5 rupees on his behalf. After that he went on operating his account as per his instructions. After five rupees his bank account was opened. After that he went on operating the account as per his instructions. After sometime, 12 thousand 900 rupees were withdrawn from the account.

First complaint in SP office then in police station

Ansari said that after the incident, he went to the Alwar Gate police station to file a report but sent him to the SP office. When he went to the SP office, he was given a circular and sent to Alwar Gate police station. Then the case was filed. The complainant told that the accused was talking in the voice of his maternal uncle. Due to which he was misled.

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